IU Apologizes To Fans For Postponing Album Release

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 21, 2019

IU has broken her silence about postponing her Love Poem album release through an apology letter.

"I’m here to deliver some news to uaenas that I’m apologetic about," she wrote on her official fancafe. "I’ve decided to slightly postpone the schedule of my new album Love Poem which was supposed to be released on November 1. The concert with the same name will be happening in two weeks, so I’ve been discussing the overall message, setlist and other issues with my staff, but to be honest, I think I will need slightly more time for myself."

"Instead, the final track ‘Love Poem’ on the album, which is the most organic representation of my new album and the concert will be released on 1st November, ahead of the other tracks."
















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She continued, "It’s a song that represents the theme of my new album and both my album and concert were produced with this song as the core, so I really wish to sing it at my concerts.

"This is a decision I made because my own abilities are unable to match up to my responsibility as an album producer and singer putting on a concert, so I’m really apologetic towards my uaenas who were looking forward to my new music more than anyone else.

She assures fans, "I promise not to let you guys wait too long to listen to the music I have prepared and I promise to put on a concert that would not disappoint all of you!

"This is an incoherent piece of writing, but I wanted to apologise to all of you in my own words first, so I decided to post this. I’m really sorry and always thankful towards everyone."

The title track was supposed to drop earlier on October 28th while her concert, which includes a Manila stop on December 13, will begin on November 2 in Gwangju, South Korea. Take all the time you need, Lee Jieun. Fighting!
















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