Send In The Clown: 5 Reasons Why You Should See 'Joker'

Brianne Constantino

Posted at October 07, 2019

One of this year's most anticipated films, Joker has finally arrived and it spelled another box office hit for Warner Bros. and DC, earning a whopping $234 million worldwide on its debut and getting generally positive reviews from fans and critics alike.


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And whether you're a casual or diehard fan of the Batman mythos, you owe it to yourself to check #JokerFilm out. If you're still skeptical, allow me to walk you through and give you five reasons why you should see one of this year's most important comic book films!

It's not your textbook comic book flick. The first thing you'll notice a few minutes into the film is that it doesn't really feel like you're watching a traditional comic book movie. The overall approach to Joker is unorthodox, for the lack of a better term and it's a breath of fresh air. It's quite refreshing to be able to take a break after being hit with a whirlwind of action-packed superhero films this year from both Marvel and DC. Not that I'm complaining though.

It's a mix of old and new. Writer-director Todd Phillips' take on Mistah J is completely new and out of the ordinary but it still somehow was able to give fans several little nods from its source material. There were major tweaks to the character's backstory but Arthur Fleck as the Clown Prince of Crime doesn't feel all that disconnected from what fans are accustomed to.

The material is timely and relevant. To call the film compelling is an understatement. It's amazing how 'Joker' – a film intended to be an origin story for the Dark Knight's fiercest adversary successfully addresses real-life issues and situations and hits you straight in the face with the harsh reality about our society.

Joaquin Phoenix steals the show. I think I've seen pretty much every live-action iteration of Joker there is to see – Cesar Romero, Jack Nicholson, Heath Ledger – and I can say without a shadow of a doubt that Joaquin's take on the character is the darkest, grittiest and most in-depth interpretation of Joker yet. He brings in this sheer ruthlessness but still maintains the character's theatricality fans have known him for. And while it's still early for me to tell if he's the best film version of the iconic DC baddie, considering we've yet to see his true dynamic with Batman, I'd say he's definitely up there.

The door is left open for a sequel. We haven't seen Arthur reach his full potential as the Joker and it'll be interesting to see how his character's motivations develop in the next film. Yes, I'm already calling it. Joker will most likely have a sequel.

#JokerMovie is already out in cinemas nationwide! Don't miss out!

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