AMBER On f(x) Reunion: "We Have No Plans But It's Never Not An Option"

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 02, 2019

With Luna, Victoria and Amber all leaving SM Entertainment, is an f(x) reunion still possible? Amber has spoken up.
















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"Whether we do music or not, I think there will be a time when we can but I think right now we’re just figuring ourselves out. We have no plans, but it’s never not an option," she told UK's Metro, adding what's more important for them "as a family" is to support each other's individual ventures.

"Krystal’s killing it with her acting, Luna’s doing her music, Victoria’s killing it with her performing and her modelling and acting," Amber said. "We have never had the feeling of, once somebody started doing something on their own, we would never be like, 'Oh why are they doing something on their own?' We never have that."

And this, people, is exactly why we stan this group.

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