MILEY CYRUS Is Over The Party Scene In "Slide Away" Video

Camille Santos

Posted at September 08, 2019

Miley Cyrus went from being a party girl to a homebody. The music video of "Slide Away"—which is believed to be her Liam Hemsworth breakup anthem—suggests that the once-wild pop star has officially outgrown the party scene.

The nearly four-minute clip begins with Miley floating in a pool full of wine glasses and liquor bottles. As the video progresses, Miley walks around a house party looking disenchanted while she sings "I want my house in the hills / Don't want the whiskey and pills / I don't give up easily / But I don't think I'm down." Watch the entire video below.

Courtesy: Miley Cyrus

Miley released the ballad shortly after her split with husband Liam. Amid conflicting reports, the singer-actress said in a lengthy Instagram post that she "refused to admit that [her] marriage ended because of cheating."

Instead, a source told People that the breakup stemmed from Miley's disapproval of Liam's party life, which she thinks he should have outgrown by now.

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