LOOK: LOUIS TOMLINSON Allegedly Punched A Girl During His Recent Airport Scuffle

LOOK: LOUIS TOMLINSON Allegedly Punched A Girl During His Recent Airport Scuffle

Christine Guariña

Posted at March 10, 2017

Aside from the paparazzi, another alleged victim in the Las Vegas International Airport altercation decided to break her silence and press charges against Louis Tomlinson after he allegedly punched her in the face. 

Ana Becerra, who said she's a "massive fan of One Direction, told TMZ that the incident started when the Louis' girlfriend Eleanor Calder confronted her, tried to take away her phone for filming the ruckus.

"We were waiting for our ride. I saw people taking pictures. I see them running. The girl [Eleanor] got all crazy, she was running. I grabbed my phone but I was sitting down with my wife and I grabbed the phone when she just rushed and grabbed me and was fighting for my phone so I wasn't going to let her get my phone," she said. 

Ana claimed that "the guy from One Direction" punched her in the face, which left her with injuries and cuts, "When he punched me I actually wore glasses, so when he punched me and he broke my glasses so I think that is why all this part hurts...I went to the hospital. I got some scans. I got a concussion. I get really, really bad headaches. I couldn't sleep for two days. First of all, because of the long airplane ride and then [because] of that." 

Asked why she planned to sue Louis, Anna said "I don't think it is right for a guy to hit a woman at all."

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