Then, Now, Forever: The 30 Best WWE Theme Songs Of All Time!

Brianne Constantino

Posted at August 28, 2019

Are you ready for WWE's much-awaited return to Manila this September? No, we said, ARE. YOU. READY?!!

Aside from the larger-than-life characters and the smash-mouth, in-your-face action pro wrestling and the WWE in particular have been delivering us for over 50 years, it's also the music that plays an essential part in pumping up our adrenalines and sending them into overdrive.

This list will make you relive the times when you were "wrestling" with your siblings (kids, don't try this at home), playing WWE video games and watching your favorite wrestling shows and PPVs at your friend's house. That being said, we compiled the best WWE entrance music/theme songs ever for your ears to relish! Buckle up for a nostalgia trip!

Stone Cold Steve Austin. You know "business is about to pick up" when you hear the shattering glass sound from Stone Cold Steve Austin's entrance music. Now give us a "Hell Yeah!"

The Rock. "If you smeeeeelllllllll what The Rock is cooking!". That catchphrase alone is enough to send you into a frenzy. The people's champ has had a few alternate themes over the years but the current updated version "Electrifying" still gets the job done.

The Undertaker. We would include his themes from his days as the American Badass and Big Evil which are all equally good but his OG theme is exceptional. Tell us this didn't scare the sh*t out of you back in the day!

Triple H. The cerebral assassin has one of the most banging entrance themes ever, thanks to legendary rock crew Motorhead. Time to play the game!

Shawn Michaels. He thinks he's cute. He knows he's sexy. And he's one of the best to ever step foot in a WWE ring. Enough said.

Eddie Guerrero. One of the best themes from the Ruthless Aggression Era. Remember when he won the WWE title from Brock Lesnar in 2004? Good times! Latino Heat may be gone but he's never forgotten. Viva La Raza!

Kurt Angle. We're sure most of you chanted "You Suck" as kids whenever he came out and honestly, we can't blame you. This theme cracked the hell out of us back in the day but now, it just reminds us of how good the only Olympic gold medalist in the WWE history really is.

Hulk Hogan. '80s wrestling fans and true blue Hulkamaniacs know the words to this theme like the back of their hands. Eat your vitamins and say your prayers, brothers!

Vince McMahon. Mr. McMahon is the biggest and most despised (sometimes adored) authority figure the world of wrestling has ever seen and this theme matches his devious persona really well.

John Cena. Now, we know most of you can't stand hearing the trumpets in his current theme "My Time Is Now". So to give you some legit fan service, we're putting his "Thuganomics" theme on this list instead. After all, we can all agree that this is the best version of Cena, right?

Ric Flair. Woooooooo! That is all.

Chris Jericho. One of the best all-around performers in WWE history. Y2J, you just made the list!

D-Generation X. Arguably one of the best, if not the best faction in the WWE. This theme is synonymous with the Attitude Era!

"Across the Nation" (RAW Opening from 2002-2006). Imagine yourself after a day of work or school waiting for WWE's flagship program to turn up on your TV sets. That's nostalgia right there hitting you like a freight train!

"I Want It All" (Smackdown Opening from 2003-2005). Of course, we gotta include the blue brand's iconic theme song as well!

Evolution. Another one of Motorhead's banging creations. We despised Evolution as a group back then!

Randy Orton. Just like John Cena, we don't mind his current theme "Voices" but his "Legend Killer" theme is far more iconic and we know you agree!

Batista. The Animal unleashed! You wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of a Batista bomb. This song fits his character so well, no wonder they didn't change it.

Edge. On this day, we see clearly that this is Edge's superior theme music.

"Macho Man" Randy Savage. Admit it. You wanted to come out to his entrance music during your graduation rights.

Kane. His original theme song was already spooky AF until they added words to the track in 2002 and made it even more badass!

CM Punk. Best in the woorrrrllllddddd! Man, this theme, originally from the band Living Colour just fits his character to a tee! We can't help but hear monstrous "CM Punk" chants whenever we listen to this one.

Mick Foley. Mrs. Foley's baby boy also has a pretty iconic theme. Once you hear the car crash, you know who's coming!

Bret "The Hitman" Hart. The best there is, the best there was and the best there ever will be deserves to be on this list as well!

Trish Stratus. 100% Stratusfaction guaranteed! Often dubbed by fans as one of the best female wrestlers ever, we can't argue with that.

Daniel Bryan. One of the best themes in recent memory. It's simple yet so epic. Remember the time he won the WWE World Heavyweight title at Wrestlemania 30? "YES! YES! YES!" we still do!

Lita. Another woman who pioneered WWE's women's revolution. Proving that WWE Divas are more than just eye candy.

Finn Balor. His "demon" entrance is an awe-inspiring sight to behold and it'll make you catch your breath. And while it's still far from legendary, it will eventually achieve icon-status someday!

Shinsuke Nakamura. You know an entrance theme is just too damn good when a capacity crowd ends up humming it and this is one of those songs!

AJ Styles. We first heard this during his WWE debut at the 2016 Royal Rumble and fast forward to today, we couldn't think of any theme that would suit the so called Phenomenal One!

Videos Courtesy: WWE and WWEMusic

#WWEManila2019 happens on September 20 at the Araneta Coliseum!

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