JUNG HAE IN Shows Interest In Working With Filipino Actors

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 26, 2019

Jung Hae In in a scene with Fiipino stars? That sounds like a dream come true for us K-Drama fans! And guess what, the Korean actor is more than willing to do it!

In an MYXclusive email interview, we asked Hae In if he's open to working with Filipino actors and shooting a movie or drama series in the Philippines. "Always welcome if there’s a good scenario. I like to experience new environment and new culture so it would be very interesting to me," he wrote back.

Somebody make it happen, please! For now, learn what else our oppa Hae In has to say about his Pinoy fans and fave K-Pop group BTS below:

MYX: What made you decide to return to the Philippines?

Hae In: I missed Filipino fans a lot. Their heart-warming welcome made me decide to go back to Manila. 

MYX: What was your most unforgettable moment during your 2018 visit to Manila?

Hae In: The moment I saw the bright smile of fans. Those smiles were unforgettable.

MYX: Is there anything you wish to do in Manila that you weren't able to do last time?

Hae In: If it’s possible, I would like to do a city tour so that I can feel the atmosphere of Manila well.

MYX: What is it like working again with Kim Go Eun in Tune In For Love?

Hae In: I’ve met her briefly through a drama, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God. I was happy that I can act together with her for a long time via this movie Tune In For Love.

MYX: What was your fondest memory while working on Goblin?

Hae In: It’s not easy to choose just one memory because there are so many. As a viewer and a fan of the drama, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, I was so happy to join such a good drama even for a short time.

MYX: Who are the other Korean actors that you wish to work with in the future?

Hae In: I will be all happy and grateful no matter which actor I will be working with.

MYX: Is there a Hollywood star that you want to meet?

Hae In: I would like to meet Tom Hardy. I like his work.

MYX: Favorite K-Pop song?

Hae In: My favorite K-Pop song is "Serendipity’" by BTS. I enjoy listening to that song whenever I need comfort.

MYX: Favorite K-Pop group?

Hae In: It’s BTS. There are so many songs of BTS that I love.

MYX: What's your plan for the rest of the year?

Hae In: I’ll take a rest to recharge my energy first and start preparing for my next work.

MYX: Message to Filipino fans?

Hae In: Thank you for always watching my acting and supporting me. I will continue to show you good works so I hope you look forward to it. Lastly, I hope you to be healthy and always care and love yourselves the most.

Hae In's new movie alongside Go Eun, Tune In For Love, arrives in South Korea on August 28. Plus, we'll get to bond with him again on September 28 for his "One Summer Night" fan meeting at the New Frontier Theater!

In the meantime, let's look back at this MYXclusive interview with Jung Hae In during his previous visit to the Philippines:

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