ICYMI: Read KANG DANIEL's Letter To Fans After Confirming Relationship With TWICE's Jihyo

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 06, 2019

We weren't expecting this but Kang Daniel made it a point to reach out to his fans following the confirmation of his relationship with Twice's Jihyo.
















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Through a letter on his official fancafe, he wrote, "Hello. This is Kang Daniel. First of all, I’m really sorry to everyone who may have been very surprised when they saw the sudden news this morning.

"You may not have been able to focus on anything all day, and I’m worried over whether I’m writing to you too late. I’m very sorry because I couldn’t say it beforehand, and also because I’m talking about this in a space that could overflow even if it was just full of the words between all of you and myself.

"Truly a lot happened before I was able to stand on my own now. There were some really tiring times, but what helped me then was my fans, rather than anything else. I want to tell you this.

"Even during the pain of the long period of no engagements when you couldn’t see me and during the times that were difficult due to the speculative talk with malicious intent, you only looked at me. You endured a lot for me and hid your frustration, and you held cafe events full of my photos and put messages of support at subway stations, and I really thank you for that love and support that made me able to stand up again.

"I gained an immeasurable amount of comfort and hope from all of you when I went to the cafes or subway stations and I saw your love with my own eyes, or when you set such surprising records that I couldn’t even have imagined them when I was working on the album.

"I want to take care of the hearts of those fans and it’s both my role to try to do that and what I want to do. In order to carry out that role, I will become singer Kang Daniel who always shows you a good image, which I’ve always considered to be the most important thing.

"I’ve received so much from fans and I feel grateful. I’ll try to return more than that in the future.

"Tomorrow, I’ll become Kang Daniel who is better than today.

I really, really thank you for being together with me."

Anyone who has read this can tell that we stan the right man. You deserve all the happiness, bb!

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WIN: Tickets To JOJI PRESENTS: The Extravaganza


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