f(x) Makes First Stage Performance In 3 Years

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at August 04, 2019

We've waited long enough, now it's here: f(x) is back on stage and we're in shock... and crying.

Luna, Amber and Krystal - yep, IDOL Krystal is back y'all - came together as a group for the first time in three years to perform "Electric Shock", "La Cha Ta" and "4W" at the SM TOWN concert in Tokyo, Japan. Never thought this day would ever come but this is what MeUs deserve, right? Welcome back, queens!

How do you feel about this?

Happy 84%
Sad 7%
Laugh 0%
Shock 3%
Angry 3%


MYX Adventures Takes You To Korea


MYX Adventures Takes You To Korea


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