TOOL Singer Maynard James Keenan Isn't Too Thrilled That JUSTIN BIEBER Likes Their Music?

Brianne Constantino

Posted at July 18, 2019

Tool singer Maynard James Keenan recently found out that Canadian pop superstar Justin Bieber is a fan of the alternative metal band's music but it seems like he isn't too thrilled about it.


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Maynard learned that Biebs himself shared lyrics to some of their songs via his Instagram stories. On one story he wrote, "Who are you to wave your finger? You must have been outta your head. Eye hole deep in muddy waters. You practically raised the dead” obviously taken from Tool's "The Pot". In a Twitter response, Keenan expressed his lack of interest, simply saying #bummer.

Bieber's wife Hailey wasn't having any of it and immediately fired back at the singer, going as far as calling him "unhappy" and "childish". Hailey wrote, "He expressed he was a fan of your music. Grew up listening to your music. You must be unhappy with yourself that you want to make people feel small who express their admiration for you. Very childish and hurtful thing to do. I hope u find security within yourself. Sad place to be"

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