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Posted at July 16, 2019

The bygone era of physical records makes us wonder how streaming has massively changed how we Filipinos enjoy music. Gone are the days when CDs (and cassette tapes) are car and home staples as all it takes now is a tap on a playlist or click on a video for music to play.

With popular sites and mobile apps YouTube, Apple Music, and Spotify giving access to all kinds of sounds, music-loving Filipinos have long resorted to them for listening pleasure.

In fact, according to Spotify’s data in 2018, about 73% of music revenues already came from streaming while users reportedly spent a total of 2.5 billion hours streaming their preferred sounds in the Philippines.

Music libraries have also grown, giving us unlimited choices when we stream music. Based on a article, Apple Music has about 45 million songs in its library, while Spotify has more than 35 million, and from these tracks millions of playlists have been created and included in the menu.

From nursery rhyme picks to movie theme songs, from the 1930’s music to today’s top hits, from OPM classics to fresh foreign releases, we can easily create or choose our preferred playlist, depending on our mood, and even share it with anyone across the globe.

Yet, despite foreign music within instant reach these days, the most searched playlist keywords on Spotify last year were Pinoy, OPM, and love. In fact, according to Spotify’s data, OPM was the most streamed genre in the country and monthly streams of OPM doubled in the past year.

The rise of Moira dela Torre is proof of this as the Kapamilya singer was hailed as Spotify Philippines’ Most Streamed Local Artist in 2018 and was also the Most Streamed Female Artist, beating the most popular foreign female singers in the category.

While many get their music doses via streaming, those who belong to Gen Z and even those under the youngest generation, generation Alpha, get their first dibs on music via YouTube, a video streaming platform that serves as a stage to music talents on the rise.

Just recently, MYX launched the brand new YouTube channel All Music MYX which is exclusively devoted to live performances from Filipino and international artists.

What excites Filipino online viewers even more is that they get access to music collaborations that go beyond borders, such as the one with pop artist Inigo Pascual and Australian YouTube superstar Wengie. Their “Mr. Nice Guy” video released last month now has more than three million views.

Courtesy: Wengie Music

The venture of young Filipina singer Jayda, a Star Music recording artist, is also a testimony to this, with her “Crazy About” collab with Indonesian singer-songwriter Renn Miko up on these on-demand music streaming sites.

Courtesy: ABS-CBN Star Music

Today, collab with international artists are made more possible, opening opportunities for companies like ABS-CBN to champion Filipino talents on the world stage, making music accessible online not just to Filipinos but to global audiences.

On YouTube, the Star Music channel is ranked 15th in top YouTubers in the country according to, with over 3.3 million subs with 1.6 billion views as of writing. Whether to watch lyric or music videos, today’s viewers go to YouTube to check out music from ABS-CBN artists. The country also has One Music PH, a music portal that not just lets users listen to but also watch live performances.

The spread of streaming services in the country proves that we have embraced how music has evolved in today’s digital world. And with local artists like Inigo, Jayda, and Moira flourishing with their own, original tunes in new media, Pinoys—from any part of the world—can easily take pride in our music, while non-Filipino audiences gradually welcome these amazing talents.

Contributed by Sheryl Baltazar

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