WATCH: "Beauty and The Beast" Stars Discuss Who The Best Disney Prince Is

WATCH: "Beauty and The Beast" Stars Discuss Who The Best Disney Prince Is

Posted at March 19, 2017

While Disney Princesses usually get all the attention, Beauty and the Beast stars Josh Gad and Luke Evans took time out and debated which Disney Prince is really the best of all time. The actors, who star as La Fou and Gaston in live adaptation of the tale as old as time, sat down with People and discussed the qualities of their favorite Disney princes. Check out the video below:

Video courtesy: People

Both seem to have clear favorites but have choice words for those who they think doesn't really do anything for their princesses, like Prince Florian. "The prince in Snow White just literally shows up and kisses a dead girl,” notes Gad.

The Little Mermaid's Prince Eric seems to have made quite an impression, with Josh saying the he was 'a prince that leaves a mark.' 

He also feels sorry for Sleeping Beauty's Prince Phillip for having been put through a lot. "The one I feel really badly for is the Sleeping Beauty prince, because he’s got to fight a dragon — a thorny forest,” Josh explains, before burtsting into song.

Who do you think is the best Disney Prince? Let us know in the comments!

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