#WeLoveYouTAEYEON Trends Worldwide After GIRLS' GENERATION Member Opens Up About Depression

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at June 18, 2019

Fans all around the world are sending love and support to Taeyeon after the Girls' Generation leader opened up about her battle with depression.
















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During an Instagram Q&A session, some initially criticized the K-Pop idol for dull answers and even called her "disrespectful" which prompted Taeyeon to explain her current condition. "I’ve been sick for the past while. Please understand why I’ve refrained [from posting on social media]. Thank you and I’m sorry.” 

To another fan she said, "I promise to communicate better when I’m feeling better.”

“No, I am suffering from depression. I am working hard to get better through treatment with antidepressants. Whether it’s depression or bipolar disorder, please don’t ‘tsk’ and treat people disrespectfully. They are all patients who are suffering," she schooled one commenter.

With others also sharing their own struggles with mental health, seems like Taeyeon is getting motivated and swears that things are going to be okay. “I decided to talk to you today because I needed to pep myself up. I feel like I’m being nourished by all of you. I’m going to be okay. I’m sorry for making you worry, but I think that this is another way for us to get to know each other better. I will take better care of myself. For the fans who deserve all the good things in the world.”

Meanwhile, Red Velvet's Yeri proved that she got her unnie's back by sharing their phone call screenshot and writing "I love you." We're always here for you, beshy Taengoo!

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