5 Marvel Heroes Who Can Lead The Avengers After Iron Man

Brianne Constantino

Posted at June 11, 2019

This doesn't come as a spoiler anymore. We all know by now that Avengers: Endgame saw arguably the most tragic death in Marvel Cinematic Universe history with the demise of Tony Stark aka Iron Man.


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With Phase Four already approaching, the real question on everyone's mind is: who deserves to take Mr. Stark's spot and lead the Avengers moving forward? It's time to pass the torch to the next deserving chief in the Marvel Universe. Here are five candidates who can lead the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.

Doctor Strange. Tony Stark and Stephen Strange have a lot of things in common that most fans don't realize. Both are rich, ego-driven men who don't see eye-to-eye with everyone but they can certainly back their cockiness up. The Master of the Mystic Arts has the makings of a good team leader.


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Thor. How the God of Thunder ended up being depicted in Endgame was a bit odd but it was a welcome surprise and he still delivered during the final battle. Just imagine if he can piece everything back together and bring the old Thor back. He'd be a "worthy" leader for sure.

Black Panther. He's the complete opposite of the brash and arrogant Stark but if he can lead an army of Wakandan soldiers to battle, he can also lead the Earth's Mightiest Heroes.


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Captain Marvel. Carol Danvers aka the "original" avenger proved just how valuable she can be most especially during times of trouble. If we're about to witness a changing of the guard in the MCU, she can very well handle business. After all, she wouldn't be called a "captain" for nothing.

Spider-Man. Peter Parker, logically speaking could be Tony Stark's successor as the Avengers' main guy. Aside from Steve Rogers, James Rhodes and Pepper Potts, only Peter has that personal bond and connection with the Stark Industries patriach. Plus, he also has a cool-looking tech suit and an AI companion in Karen, much like his mentor and father figure Tony. Is it time for Peter to take on an even greater responsibility? 

The MCU's third phase concludes with Spider-Man: Far From Home swinging into Philippine cinemas on July 3!

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