Fall In Love With JASON MRAZ And RENEÉ DOMINIQUE's Collaboration "Could I Love You Any More"!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at May 31, 2019

The collab track of young Filipina singer/songwriter and Star Magic artist ReneƩ Dominique and double Grammy winner Jason Mraz called "Could I Love You Any More" is now out!


The sun’ll come out tomorrow.

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"Could I Love You Any More" is a conversation between a woman and a man, both realizing the magic of love. Jason and Renee debuted the song at the Manila leg of Mr. A-Z's Good Vibes concert tour last May 8.


THIS WILL BE LONG BUT BEAR WITH ME. I have tried countless times to rephrase what i say whenever i get asked about how was working—yet alone singing with perhaps a worldwide icon such as Mr. A-Z. It was a dream. Surreal. Unbelievable. Amazing. Magical, and a miracle to be able to cross paths with someone like him. He's such a legend who has made his mark in the industry forever not by chasing after fame, but by being authentic and intentional about keeping the focus not on him—but rather on his music. How does it feel to collaborate with him? It felt tremendously nervewracking and exciting. The pressure to do good, and the thought of maybe not being good enough went hand in hand. But on the contrary—it honestly felt like home. What i love and admire most about Jason is how he lives his life in line with what he promotes. You meet him, sit down with him and talk, and the next thing you know, your heartbeat calms down, your shoulders become less tense, because of just the overall vibe he carries. He is very warm, down to earth, positive, and is nothing but a gentle spirit. He treated me like as if i was already family. Went out of his way to make time, took us out for dinner, passionately answered every question i asked about music and life, made sure i was part of the preshow vocalization backstage, and was so generous in sharing his talent and his stage with me. It's true. When one is selfless, people are drawn to them more. Which is why i see why Jason is who and where he is now. I wanna thank everyone who took part in making this happen. My mom, Josquin Des Pres, Michael & Nancy Natter, Tolan Shaw, Fabien Renoult, Chaska Potter, Leonidas Chantzaras and the rest of Universal Music Germany, my Star Magic family, and ofcourse you @jason_mraz . From the bottom of my heart, thank you. For choosing to invest in me, believing in me, and for opening up your world to me. I am forever grateful. šŸ“ø: Joel Garcia

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The two didn't actually record together and only met in person for the first time a few days before the concert. According to the "I'm Yours" hitmaker, "It’s as if we were sending messages in a bottle across the sea, working in different time zones between different schedules to make this dream collaboration become a reality. Though we had never met, I feel like I knew ReneĆ© simply through the quality of her voice."

Of course, it's a dream come true for Renee to finally work with a global music icon. Listen now to "Could I Love You Any More" here:

Watch this MYXclusive interview as Renee talks about the first email she sent to Jason Mraz:

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