INIGO PASCUAL Teams Up With Best Friends In "Beautiful"

Camille Santos

Posted at May 27, 2019

For his latest offering, Inigo Pascual teams up with his best friends Markus Paterson and Kyler! "Beautiful" is a shimmering summer tune that "echoes the heightened feeling of attraction to a girl who doesn't realize her own beauty."

Each artist brought a piece of themselves to the table: Inigo and Markus trade verses and choruses while Kyler slots himself at the end of the groovy track. Check it out below.

Courtesy: Tarsier Records

DJ Moophs—the writer, composer, producer, and mixing and mastering engineer of "Beautiful"—explains how Tarsier Records' first family track came to be: “This song started as an idea I had in 2017, just that little piano pattern in the verse. It felt like an earworm, but I wasn’t totally sure where to take the rest of it."

He continued, "It took a lot longer for the full form to unfold—I went through sooo many different versions. But having the kids come in on it was perfect. They brought exactly the right energy. I’m glad to be able to highlight their chemistry in a track — they play off each other so well."

"Beautiful" is now available on all digital platforms!


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