WATCH: DEADPOOL Musical Parody Of 'Beauty and the Beast'

WATCH: DEADPOOL Musical Parody Of 'Beauty and the Beast'

Posted at March 25, 2017

While Deadpool 2 won't be hitting cinemas until 2018, fans have kept themselves busy with creating their own funny (and NSFW) Deadpool stories to tide them over.

The team behind the Youtube channel Deadpool Said made a hilarious remake of the Disney song, "Gaston", from Beauty and the Beast. Directed by Julian Higgins and written by Paul Bianchi, the video follows the 'Merc with a Mouth' inside a seedy bar where its bartender and regulars sing about their hatred of the costumed hero. Of course, in true Deadpool fashion, he ends up slaughtering them while singing his own lyrics to the tune of "Gaston".

Several familiar comicbook characters also make an appearance in the video. Watch this NSFW parody and see who cameos in the raunchy take on the Disney classic.

Video courtesy: Deadpool Said

If in case you don't remember the waltzy tune from the cartoon, here's the latest version from the 2017 Beauty and the Beast remake:

Video courtesy: DisneyMusicVEVO

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