SUPER JUNIOR Celebrates KYUHYUN's Return From Military Duty!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at May 08, 2019

Mission complete! All Super Junior members finally ended their mandatory military service with maknae Kyuhyun being discharged today!

"Civilian Kyu, on my way home. Please look forward to the music and concerts that we will share together in the future! My singing has gotten better! Please also look forward to Super Junior’s full reunion!" Kyu wrote on his first post-military upload on Instagram. Yep, we survived it! Can you believe that?

His hyungs took up social media for a #WelcomeBackKyuhyun celebratory party. Leader Leeteuk teased the full SuJu comeback: "#Kyuhyunah you worked hard, now we’ll make #onemoreseat #superjunior it took #around10years for all of our resolutions to #succeed #sujucomeback2019 #evenidontknowwhenitis #butlookforwardtoit #kyuballaderahyouhavealottodo#Go!!"

Meanwhile, Eunhyuk posted "Welcome back home" alongside a photo of a purple egg, poking fun at Kyuhyun's purple egg DP on Twitter. He also shared a chart of the members' military life.


Welcome back home

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"Everybody's back," wrote Yesung who posted a group photo sans Kangin and Sungmin.


Everybody's back 🔥 @superjunior

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Siwon, Heechul, and Donghae opted for a selfie with Kyu.


고고씽🕺🕺🕺🕺 #규현

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2년동안 수고했다 . 이제 함께하자 !! ^^ He’s back !! 🎉 #SJ모든군복무클리어

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Apart from the photo, Donghae also expressed his delight on Instatory. "Hi guys, I'm Donghae. i'm here i'm so happy right now. Because finally all our members of #SuperJunior completely military service Wow~ almost 10 years."

So can we, your everlasting friends, please have our OT11 back?

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