ITCHYWORMS' Kelvin Yu Doesn't Want To Share Backstage With SPONGE COLA?

Renuel Fallore

Posted at April 27, 2019

Wait, what? Suplado ka pala sa personal?

Itchyworms bassist Kelvin Yu posted an intriguingly funny clip recently. He shared a video from their recent gig showing him entering the artists' holding area. In the clip, he can be heard saying that he doesn't want to share the same area with fellow MYX Music Awards 2019 nominee Sponge Cola. 

"Simple lang naman hiling ko sa mga show organizers--please do not put us in the same area as Sponge Cola. Matagal ko na yang sinasabi. I hate being caught off guard. Why do bad things always happen to good people?!?!", Kelvin captioned.

Interestingly, the first person he sees is vocalist Yael Yuzon and suddenly had to act cool and civil.

After posting the clip, Sponge Cola drummer Tedmark Cruz replied and quoted his tweet.

Yael's wife Karylle and Kel's bandmate Jugs Jugueta also reacted to the video. The It's Showtime hosts left a comment on his post on Instagram.

In case you didn't know, back in August 2018 Kelvin posted a similar video where he described sharing a room with Sponge Cola as "nakakainis".


But fans need not worry, though. It seems like this is a running joke between the artists and there's really no bad blood between them.

We're loving the "beef", you guys! Itchyworms, why so suplado?

In the meantime, check out this MYXclusive video from Itchyworms as they reflect on their 20 years being together:

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