HAILEE STEINFELD On Collab With TAYLOR SWIFT: "Nothing's Impossible!"

Camille Santos

Posted at April 26, 2019

We don't often see Taylor Swift hanging out with her famous girl squad anymore, but rest assured that their friendship is still intact. Case in point: the recent reunion photo during Gigi Hadid's 24th birthday a few days ago.


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And of course, in such gathering of best friends, it's impossible for Tay not to have shared her new music which drops later today! So when Entertainment Tonight caught up with Hailee Steinfeld, they tried to get the singer-actress to spill details about it. Unfortunately, she knows just about as much as everyone does about the new single—and *ehem* tried to evade the question by giving lots of compliments to her pal.

Asked about a potential collaboration between them, Hailee said "nothing's impossible!" There, there. Don't get our hopes up! Watch her full interview below.

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