Here's What ELY BUENDIA Has To Say To Artists Who Do Covers

Brianne Constantino

Posted at April 15, 2019

Avid followers of Ely Buendia know that the OPM rock great isn't too fond of doing song covers.

In our MYXclusive interview with the Pupil and Apartel frontman at the Record Store Day Pilipinas 2019 event, we asked his opinion about artists (especially up-and-comers) who use cover songs as their stepping stone to get noticed. "I guess it's fine if there's something new that you can do for the song, not necessarily improve it 'cause I think the originals are hard to improve on but I guess, put a new twist on it and not just copy it. I think that's the worst thing you can do."


Pupil in Cabanatuan

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The Eraserheads singer also revealed that aside from his day-to-day duties as Offshore Music's CEO (which can be quite a handful, according to him), his two bands are cooking up new music which our ears will be able to relish some time this year.

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