ELY BUENDIA Is Stoked About His Son Eon Entering The Music Scene!

Brianne Constantino

Posted at April 14, 2019

We sat down and had a little chitchat with Pupil and Apartel frontman Ely Buendia during Record Store Day Pilipinas 2019 where he played a special vinyl set to the delight of music fans and vinyl enthusiasts in attendance.

Some of you may not be aware yet but the Eheads singer's son with ex-wife Diane Ventura, Eon Drake – yup, that little kiddo featured in Ely and Francis M's "Superproxy 2K6" music video along with Arkin Magalona – is now venturing into music as well.

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Following in his father's footsteps, Eon fronts a little band of his own called Lost Signals. And according to Ely himself, he's really impressed with their music and sees a bright future ahead of them.

The Pinoy rock legend shared just how excited he is for Eon. "I'm pretty much stoked to see him enter the biz 'cause I know he'll have so much fun and I, myself am a fan of his music."


Eon with Cooper and Peanut, Sagada Cellar Door

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But even though he's extremely proud of his son, he still doesn't want to come off as a 'stage father'. "Well, I'm trying not to. Right now, I'm kind of standing in the sidelines." But at the end of the day, Ely makes sure that his heir apparent gets all the pointers he can offer. "Whenever he needs naman advice, I'm always there to give it to him."

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