BAWAL CLAN Introduces Their Main Dude "Bobby Bobbito" In New Music Video

Brianne Constantino

Posted at March 22, 2019

Attention, attention! Pinoy hip-hop super crew Bawal Clan just dropped a banging new song!

The new track called "Bobby Bobbito" is an ode to the group's road manager, resident funny guy and all around main "dude". The sound is pretty reminiscent of that raw hip-hop sound we are all familiar with.

The song started out as a musical campaign of some sort, originating from a series of short video clips and design collaterals the group has posted on social media, which eventually led to a full length music video you can watch below:

Courtesy: BawalClanVEVO

Bawal Clan member Dino Imperial recently dropped by at the MYX studio to tell more about his passion project and upcoming film Love;Life. Skip to 2:50 to check out his MYX Daily Top 10 interview with VJ Robi below.

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WIN: FREE INVITES To The Special Screening Of "CATS"


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