GOT7's Jackson Doesn't Want To Work With His Buddy RM From BTS!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at March 21, 2019

Why doesn't Jackson Wang of GOT7 want to work with RM of BTS? Friendship over? Nope. Fans are guessing it has something to do with ice cream.

Jackson was asked to name one artist he never wants to work with during BuzzFeed's "30 Questions In 3 Minutes" segment. He confidently answered "RM" with a laugh, quickly adding "He's my best buddy."

Courtesy: BuzzFeed Celeb

We're a bit relieved since we honestly couldn't handle that because it would be too lit. But of course, some couldn't help but theorize that RM's hate for mint chocolate-flavored ice cream may have something to do with their "conflict". We'll let these two talk it over.

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