KRIS AQUINO Shares Audition Tape For ‘Crazy Rich Asians’

Camille Santos

Posted at March 14, 2019

No one would dare forget Kris Aquino's iconic scene in the groundbreaking Hollywood film Crazy Rich Asians. While the TV host-actress has given us snippets of her preparations for her role as a princess as well as behind-the-scenes from the movie, Kris has held back in releasing her full audition tape.

"For the longest time, every moment I was attacked about my Crazy Rich Asians participation, this was MINE to look back on," she confessed, referring to the audition tape. "And because unfortunately, in this mixed bag of storms and rainbows that is my LIFE—you’ve also seen some not so good parts... Let tonight be for looking back at what’s been good. Tomorrow is another day."

In the clip, Kris acts out scenes as Eleanor Young, the male lead's mother. Although she didn't bag the role of the feisty matriarch of the Young clan, she did get the role of Princess Intan of Malay royalty, and appeared on what she described as a "pivotal" scene with the female lead Rachel Chu. Watch her full audition tape below.

Courtesy: Kris Aquino

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