LOOK: Live-Action "Mulan" To Include Music In The Film!

LOOK: Live-Action "Mulan" To Include Music In The Film!

Christine Guariña

Posted at April 04, 2017

Amidst rumors that music will not play a part in Disney's live-action remake of Mulan, director Niki Caro finally spoke out to settle things once and for all.

In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, the female director finally confirmed one thing everyone else wants to happen: there will be music in the live-action version of the film!

"The live-action is based on that inspirational Chinese ballad and on the animated Disney classic," she explained. "We're still exploring the role that music’s going to play in it, but for sure there will be music." Hugs, Niki! 


Last month, Nadine Lustre and Lea Salonga reacted to the issue, with the Disney legend making a surprising stand.

How did you feel about Disney's decision to include music in the film? Tell us in the comments!

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