CALEIN Makes Heart-Wrenching Debut With "Someone"

Brianne Constantino

Posted at March 11, 2019

O/C Records' latest signee Calein, a four-piece indie pop band, is bringing us the new sound of heartbreak for 2019.


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Consisting of members JD Mustacho, Kleyo Aydalla, JP Isidro and Paul Regalado, the up-and-commers in the local band scene released their debut song under the label titled "Someone." A new addition to your "hugot" playlist, the track deals with the pain of losing someone you love and the entire process of letting go. The opening guitar riff alone is enough to transport you to a world full of feels.

The music video, directed by the band alongside Kris Gids and Benedict Salvacion, is a complete contrast to what the song is trying to tell its listeners. The heart-wrenching lyrics and melody are concealed in colorful visuals, but the feeling of melancholy is still pretty evident in the eyes of the singer. Check it out below!

Courtesy: O/C Records

Get to know more about the boys of Calein in their MYXclusive interview with VJ Samm:

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