5 Marvelous Reasons Why You Have To See CAPTAIN MARVEL

Brianne Constantino

Posted at March 06, 2019

Marvel Studios' first superhero offering for 2019 - Captain Marvel - is setting the bar high this year for the entire Marvel Cinematic Universe. Brie Larson's arrival in the MCU has been eagerly anticipated by fans for quite some time now and it sure did not disappoint! And for the most part, the film answered all of our questions heading into Avengers: EndGame.

That being said, we give you 5 "marvelous" reasons why you have to see Captain Marvel!


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1. It's our proper introduction to Captain Carol Danvers. Ever since Marvel Studios dropped the major bombshell news during the San Diego Comic Con 2016 that Captain Marvel will be joining their film universe, the fan excitement has been off the charts! Often referred to as the "strongest female Avenger," we finally get to see what Carol Danvers aka Captain Marvel brings to the table.


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2. The soundtrack will hit music fans with a sheer dose of nostalgia. The film is set in 1995, so aside from the '90s fashion and culture, you can expect to hear the decade's defining tracks along the course of the flick. We won't tell you the songs, of course. You'll just have to see it and take in all the nostalgia yourself.

3. You'll finally find out what happened to Nick Fury's eye and the inspiration behind the "Avenger" initiative. Ever since his introduction in the post credits scene for 2008's Iron Man and the MCU films he has since appeared in, the esteemed S.H.I.E.L.D. leader Nick Fury has always sported a patch on his left eye and we never really got to explore its backstory – the film answers just that. It also reveals what exactly drove and inspired Fury to establish the Avenger initiative along with rookie agent Phil Coulson.


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4. It tells a powerful message about embracing who you are. In the film, Brie's character, a human-turned-Kree is tormented by flashes of her past life she has no memory of. As the film progresses, Carol struggles to deal with her true identity and purpose which is the main conflict of the film. Sure, Captain Marvel is another one of those action-packed MCU flicks, but it also sends out a strong message to fully embrace who and what we are. 

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5. It's our final stopover before Avengers: EndGameAvengers 4 is right around the corner and judging by the trailers we've seen this early, it will be an intense ride. The saga isn't over just yet as the remaining Avengers ,led by Captain America, will try to orchestrate a plan to finally defeat Thanos and possibly undo the destruction he caused during the events that took place in Infinity War.

We didn't include this on the list, but of course, it's already a no-brainer that you stay for the post-credits scene. After all, it has become a long-standing MCU tradition for 10 strong years. Also, watch out for the heartfelt opening sequence and try not to cry.

Captain Marvel is now out in cinemas!

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