You Wouldn't Guess What The Members Of THE RANSOM COLLECTIVE Do Outside Music!

Brianne Constantino

Posted at March 04, 2019

Have you guys ever wondered what your favorite celebrities and artists do outside the confines of their craft?

Mustard Music's latest signee The Ransom Collective revealed just that during our MYXclusive interview!

The indie folk ensemble - composed of Kian Ransom, Leah Halili, Jermaine Choa Peck, Muriel Gonzales, Lily Gonzales and Redd Claudio - gamely shared what they do outside music and you'd be surprised to know how interesting their day jobs and activities are!

Kian, for the most part, is the sole member of the group who still does music projects outside the band. In fact, he's a freelance sound engineer. "I’m full-time with the band but I also do some freelance audio engineering projects on the side," the TRC frontman said. Adding, "So I edit podcasts, freelance, and other odd jobs if I can get them."


A "woah" here, a "woah" there, everywhere a...

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The band's bassist Leah may not look like it, but she is quite the adventure and adrenaline seeker. She revealed that besides her other duties outiside TRC (she does freelance-performing), she's also into bouldering which is quite an extreme sport. "I climb. No, but I also perform for other events like debuts and weddings."


I TOUCHED THE BUTT 😳 #letsclimb #bouldering #findingnemo

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Jermaine revealed that aside from being the group's percussionist, she's also an actress and she's had several acting projects under her belt. "Right now, I’m focusing on the band and I’m also focusing on my solo acting. I grew up performing and I’m trying to pursue that also, aside from the band." We probably have seen her on our TV screens before and we weren't even aware it was her!


When you're backstage in Araneta 🤘

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Violinist Muriel, on the other hand, is quite the techie. "I work in a tech startup doing data science and A.I." Aside from that, she's also apparently a travel junkie and a cyclist!

Keyboardist Lily said she works in the world of finance. She's also into nature-tripping as well!


Guess who's gonna be on #MyxSpotlight this month! Thank you for the feature @myxph!! 😍

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And lastly, their drummer Redd is a writer. "I write for government and Netflix. Hindi, joke lang. I just watch Netflix."


Taken last weekend at AR, route 196! May feeling bad boy dito sorry.

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Check out the rest of out MYXclusive interview with the guys and gals of The Ransom Collective here!

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