DRAX PROJECT On "Woke Up Late" Collaborator HAILEE STEINFELD: "We Are Huge Fans Of Hers"

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Posted at March 02, 2019

New Zealand quartet Drax Project is having a moment, thanks to a new version of their bop "Woke Up Late" featuring American singer-actress Hailee Steinfeld!

"Crazy"... "Amazing"... "Mindblowing"... That's how Shaan Singh, Sam Thomson, Matt Beachen and Ben O'Leary are feeling about the fact that "Woke Up Late" is blowing up everywhere - a first for the group!

"We're getting messages from people all around the world, saying they really love the song and they can't wait for more music," shared guitarist Ben. "It's really exciting for us." 


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The totally relatable song is based on a true story, according to vocalist/saxophonist Shaan. "We kinda thought that maybe it could be a duet when we first wrote the song, but it didn't happen originally," revealed Sam who plays double bass.

Enter Hailee Steinfeld who added her cool vocals to the bop. "We are huge fans of hers. "Starving" is like one of my all-time favorite songs," gushed drummer Matt about the Bumblebee star who they haven't met in person yet. "She sounds so good!"

Courtesy: Drax Project

Drax Project has certainly come a long way from busking on the streets of Wellington, New Zealand where they had some pretty interesting experiences - like when they played "Smooth Criminal" by Michael Jackson as a police chase ensued. The group is also known for their amazing covers which led to them opening for international superstars Lorde, Ed Sheeran, and Camila Cabello.

For sure, Drax Project will become more huge as the rest of 2019 rolls along. A new music video for "Woke Up Late" is on the way, though they kept details vague in this fun MYXclusive Q&A:

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