MATTY HEALY Breaks Down The Music Videos Off The 1975's 'A Brief Inquiry" Album!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at February 26, 2019

The 1975 has released a total of five music videos from their latest album A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships. And fresh from their massive win at the BRIT Awards last week, frontman Matty Healy treated everyone to an in-depth breakdown of all the videos in the ABIIOR era.

He dropped lots of commentary and Easter eggs so ifyou’re a fan who loves to dig deeper into the songs and the visual side of their music, this is indeed quite interesting to watch.

Did you know that his makeup on “Give Yourself A Try” was inspired by Lady Gaga while Michael Jackson inspired the dance part in "Love It If We Made"? Matt also revealed who he likes the most among the kids in the purposefully diverse “TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIM” video. Plus, he tried to prove that he had no double and it’s not even CGI during the football scene in  “Sincerity Is Scary”. “The best art makes you personally addressed,” he said while citing the references in the visual further. Also, he helped everyone spot the actual artwork for “Music For Cars”!

Matty said that the surreal “It’s Not Living (If It’s Not With You)” video shows his dream of being part of Talking Heads. It is also intended to be in the same universe as “Sincerity Is Scary”.

Get to know more about The 1975’s official music videos from A Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships by watching the video below!

Courtesy: The 1975

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