BRING ME THE HORIZON Cancels US Tour As OLI SYKES Ruptures Right Vocal Cord

Renuel Fallore

Posted at February 16, 2019

Bring Me The Horizon was forced to cancel their remaining US Tour dates after frontman Oli Sykes announced that he ruptured his right vocal cord and is required to rest and recover.

On Twitter, he explained his injury and expressed disappointment since the band's recent shows were “the most fun ever”. “I’ve been told if I don’t rest it immediately, I’m in serious danger of doing permanent damage,” Oli shared on his official statement.

The band has two remaining shows for their US Tour, one in Phoenix and another in Las Vegas. Before the news about Oli has been announced, Bring Me The Horizon was a special guest on Jimmy Kimmel Live and performed their songs “Mother Tongue” and “medicine” off their latest amo album. Get well soon, Oli!

Courtesy: Jimmy Kimmel Live

Courtesy: Jimmy Kimmel Live‚Äč

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