LOUIS TOMLINSON Says New Music Is "Coming"

Camille Santos

Posted at February 13, 2019

To be honest, we're close to losing our mind over Louis Tomlinson's debut album. Sure, he's making the ridiculously long waiting game worth our while with previously released collaborations and constant updates, but hey, we can't last like this forever, can we?

So we're holding the former One Direction member to his latest promise that new music is "coming". This February alone, Louis assured us that he just heard the mastered version of a single, and days later, went back in the studio to work on vocals.

Regardless of being kept waiting for, as we've said, a ridiculously long time, we still love Louis and will support his solo career all the way!


It’s coming...

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WIN: FREE INVITES To The Special Screening Of "CATS"


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