We Ranked The 7 Saddest Songs Of DECEMBER AVENUE

Renuel Fallore

Posted at February 16, 2019

Admit it, you listen to the songs of December Avenue to allow yourself to bring out all of your #feels. Whether your heart is broken or still wants to hold on to hope, the band's painful anthems bring you catharsis.

Continue reading this to go on a post-Valentine’s Day feels trip with seven of the saddest and most "mapanakit" December Avenue songs. 

7. "Magkunwari"

This brand new song expresses that true love is worth fighting for in spite of adversities and hardships.

“Hindi man tayo ay magkunwari Baka sakali lang sabihin mong ako'y mahal mo rin”

Courtesy: Tower Of Doom Music

6. "Forever"

December Avenue sings about how nothing lasts forever in this 2015 power ballad. Someone could mean “Forever” for you, but your Forever may have his/her own Forever too.

“There's a part of me that says I'll never go
There's a part of you I just could not let go

Courtesy: TowerofDoom

5. "Time To Go"

This song talks about the sadness of continuing to live without that significant other in your life anymore.

“I find it hard to leave you and I just can't understand What am I without you? Are we meant to face the end?”

Courtesy: Tower Of Doom Music

4. "Sa Ngalan Ng Pag-ibig"

The anthem of those who are still hoping for things to work out no matter what, for those who are willing to wait for love even if it’s already almost impossible.

“Kahit matapos ang magpakailanpaman Ako'y maghihintay sa ngalan ng pag-ibig”

Courtesy: TowerofDoom

3. "Kahit Di Mo Alam"

This song is really emotional. You just have to listen to it and feel its super melodramatic lyrics. #handangmasaktan

"Sa bawat saglit, handang masaktan, Kahit 'di mo alam
Subukang muli at pagbigyan
Ang ating nakaraan, kahit 'di mo na alam"

Courtesy: Tower Of Doom Music

2. "Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw"

Here’s another #feels anthem that needs no introduction at this point. Its music video recently just reached the 100 million mark on YouTube and perhaps you know why.

“Naliligaw at malayo ang tanaw Pinipigilan na ang pusong pinipilit ay ikaw”

Courtesy: TowerofDoom

1. "Dahan"

The band unveiled a brand new version of this standout sad song which they first recorded in 2012. According to vocalist and songwriter Zel Bautista, this newest release is the fifth and final version of “Dahan”.

“’Di na muling luluha ‘di na pipilitin pang ikaw ay aking ibigin hanggang sa walang hanggan”

Courtesy: Tower Of Doom Music


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