ZOOEY DESCHANEL And JOSEPH GORDON-LEVITT Re-Watch '500 Days Of Summer' Together After 10 Years

Renuel Fallore

Posted at February 08, 2019

Zooey Deschanel and Joseph Gordon-Levittt reunited and re-watched their popular romantic film 500 Days Of Summer 10 years after its release.

In an exclusive feature from Entertainment Weekly, the pair who played Summer Finn and Tom Hansen discuss what happened in the film a decade later.

“This is a movie with zero dramatic irony. Zero. It is 100 percent from Tom’s point of view, which we’ve talked about before, but it’s one thing people very much misunderstand about the movie. They think Summer’s a villain,” said Zooey.

“And a lot of it has to do with this voiceover, and I think that’s sort of part of the point, that the voiceover sounds authoritative, so you believe that it’s true. We all think that our perspective is authoritative, and Tom thinks that his perspective is authoritative. But life’s actually a lot more subjective than that,” Joseph added.

Watch more of their reactions about their unforgettable film as well as goofy behind-the-scene clips below!

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