RAZORBACK Drummer BRIAN VELASCO's Girlfriend Finally Breaks Silence Regarding His Death

Brianne Constantino

Posted at January 29, 2019

Over two weeks after Razorback member Brian Velasco's shocking death, his girlfriend Portia Carlos finally came out to break her silence and address the issues surrounding the drummer's controversial passing.


Today we lost our brother....and our hearts are broken.....we love you and we will always miss you Bri. #rzrbk

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In a statement, Portia revealed that Brian had bipolar disorder “that causes extreme mood swings that include mania or hypomania (emotional highs) or depression (lows).”

She said: “After his death, they also saw some meds in the condo when his supply should have been used up by then. The helper knew when she was supposed to buy the meds if Brian had been taking it regularly.” 

“His manic episodes were VERY SIMILAR to his bad drunk episodes. And we all thought he was taking his meds, specifically because he has not had a manic episode since he started taking them. SO, NO. HE WAS NOT ALONE NOR ISOLATED IN HIS LAST FEW DAYS. WE HAVE SEEN WORSE AND WE JUST ASSUMED THAT IT WAS ALCOHOL AND THAT HE WOULD BE SOBER IN A FEW DAYS,” she added.

Portia also said that Brian had a manic-depressive episode based on the events she narrated to a psychiatrist last Saturday.

“On Jan 12 and 13, we spent hours training my always angry shih tzu Jack and Panchito to co-exist because we planned to live together this May so we won’t have to pay for 2 broadband accounts, 2 Meralco bills, 2 assoc dues, and decide each night which unit we were gonna sleep at, only because we needed 2 units in the same building to separate my dog from his Alfie (his recently departed dog). We thought a puppy would be easier for my dog to learn to co-exist with.”

“On Jan. 13, he messaged another drum teacher-friend and asked her when their drum recital was. On Jan 13, over dinner, we were talking about the color of his suits for two upcoming weddings in my family. On Jan 15, OR A DAY BEFORE THE INCIDENT, he spoke to the mom of a student and asked if they had plans to go on a trip because he is scheduling a recital soon.”

Portia also shared that Razorback has been working on a major project that Brian was really excited about. "In fact they’re in the last stages of an extremely major project that he had been so happy and excited about. Something so big that, if I'm not mistaken, has never been done in the PH music industry."

Rest in power, Brian Velasco!

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