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Posted at January 28, 2019

Ahead of his first-ever concert in Manila on May 1, Troye Sivan gave MYX a few minutes of his time to talk about all the wild things that's been happening in his life!

I was on the phone with Troye—oh, you know, no biggie—for about 15 minutes as we talked about his Golden Globe nomination, fresh "Lucky Strike" music video, "thank u, next" cameo, Queen cover, upcoming Manila show, and more!

Our MYXclusive interview began with a warm greeting from the "Youth" hitmaker who reminisced about his first trip to the Philippines back in 2017: "I came to the Philippines quickly for a photo shoot and I was literally there for like, maybe 48 hours maximum and I just thought everyone was so, so, so nice and really beautiful. I was like super, super, super excited to come back and I was sad that I had to leave when I did."

I know everyone says they want to return to our country, but I believe Troye a little bit more because he's got receipts—like this tweet from his first visit proclaiming to his millions of followers that he "can't WAIT to come back" to the Philippines:

Troye also revealed what his next tweet was about, where he wrote, "Also I got some of the craziest news I've ever received in my life while I was here." Apparently, he landed a role in the award-winning film Boy Erased: "I was actually in the Philippines when I found out that I got the part... The movie is about gay conversion therapy, which is where parents send their kids off to basically try and turn them straight when they come out. It’s a really, really dangerous, ineffective practice that is still happening all over the world. And so, Garrard Conley wrote a book about his experience in one of these camps and we turned it into a film."

Aside from playing the role of Gary in Boy Erased, the multitalented artist also explained how he ended up writing one of the film's soundtracks titled "Revelation" which earned him his first-ever Golden Globe nomination for Best Original Song. He believed so much in the message of the movie that he offered to do anything he can to help it reach as many people as possible, which led to the film's director Joel Edgerton to reach out to him about possibly writing a song for the movie.

"I worked with Jónsi and my best friend and we wrote this song to a really, really, beautiful scene in the movie. And it’s basically about love and how it’s kind of an emotional world that the main character experiences the true kind of moment of love and nothing bad happens and the world doesn’t kind of fall on him and everything kind of keeps going, and the truth that, when he realizes that, 'Maybe I don’t have to change myself and maybe I’m suddenly okay just the way that I am,'" Troye shared the story behind "Revelation" which you can enjoy singing along to in its lyric video here:

Prestige and honor aside, the Golden Globes was such a memorable night for the 23-year-old artist because he also met one of his idols that night: "I finally met Lady Gaga, which was really, really cool. I’ve wanted to meet her for a long time. She was really, really nice... I love “Shallow” so much and I’m good friends with Mark Ronson who worked on that song with her and so I was just so, so, so happy for him. And then I just told her, 'I’m a big fan. Congratulations! I hope you have an amazing night.'”

Sadly, Troye didn't get to take a selfie with the pop superstar, but you can watch more of the actor-musician's Golden Globe experience in this fab vlog uploaded by Vogue:

Having just dropped its music video several hours before our conversation, Troye ecstatically described his latest single "Lucky Strike": "I just wanted to write like a really kind of classic love song. And so it’s this song about this, like effortlessly cool, kind of creepy guy that I basically kind of fall head over heels with. And we wanted to capture that with the video and I’m really proud of the video, I think we did that so I’m happy." See it for youselves below!

Currently with 3 million views on YouTube (as of writing), the seemingly fun "Lucky Strike" music video was apparently a challenge to shoot! "The video was shot on the beach about an hour outside of LA. It was actually crazy. We were supposed to shoot in Malibu, and then the horrible fire had happened and so, obviously, we had to postpone the shoot and move the shoot," Troye recalled.

He also talked about the highly relatable concept of the video and proved that he was basically all of us as a teenager: "It took me back a little bit to being kind of like a nerdy, lonely 17-year-old crushing on like the hot guy who’ll probably never ever get to know how you feel. And that feeling, I know really, really well. So, I just wanted to kind of capture that unrequited love."


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Another music video that Troye is in that has been the talk of the town is his good friend Ariana Grande's "thank u, next" where he is seen making a cameo at the start, dropping the lines, "I heard she's a lesbian now and dating some chick called Aubrey. It's f*cking sick." If you haven't seen it (which would be weird of you, tbh), check it out here:

It seems like the Mean Girls, 13 Going On 30Legally Blonde, and Bring It On-themed music video was just as fun to shoot as expected, with Troye having nothing but nice words for Ariana and his experience on-set: "It was so much fun... I feel like she was blown away to kind of speak her exact truth in such a way that it’s so inspiring and kind of uplifting in so many ways. And so, the second she asked me to be a part of this video, I of course said yes. It was just a really fun day. It was like her and all of her friends, all of us just hanging out and everybody was getting to have some fun with changing everything that’s going on in her life and telling it. It was really a fun kind of feeling and experience. It was really special to be a part of."


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The list of Troye's recent achievements doesn't stop there as he was also chosen to record his own version of "Somebody To Love" which was included in the official soundtrack of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody: "I was really excited… It’s a really big task ‘cause it’s such a legendary song by such an iconic band. My approach was I’m not even gonna try and replicate what magic they had and I’m just gonna make it my own. So, I completely stripped it back and pretended it was my song and started from there, then put the cover out."

Doing the Queen ballad was extra special for Troye as he recalled how big of an influence its frontman was for him growing up: "When I was young, I remember being able to name a few performers that were openly gay and Freddie Mercury was among that list… Just the insane, insane amount of talent in that one person as a performer, which is so inspiring for me. I think the charisma, you know, it’s completely undeniable that he’s one of the best of all time. So, yeah, it was really huge for me." Listen to the special track here:

By this time, there were still so many things I wanted to ask Troye, but oh my my my! I was already maxing out my 15 minutes with The Bloom Tour performer, so I quickly asked about his upcoming show for his Filipino fans: "I think they can expect absolute craziness. Just because I’m so excited… it’s gonna pick up on that and it’s just gonna be a really, really special night. It’s been a long time coming."

Of course, I couldn't hang up without getting a special message for all his Filipino Troyeble Makers who have been patiently waiting for him to come back: "Thank you so, so, so much. There has not been a single day that’s gone by that I haven’t felt your love and support and so I cannot wait to come and see you all in person and can’t wait to see you at the show!"

Tickets are now out for Troye's debut performance in the Philippines, happening on May 1 at the Mall of Asia Arena. Three months to go, but you better secure your tickets now!

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