WHY DON'T WE Has "Big Plans" In 2019 Starting With This New Single

Camille Santos

Posted at January 18, 2019

After American pop band Why Don't We drove us mad with temptation since debuting in 2016, the boys are now laying out even bigger plans for their loyal fans nearly three years after.

WDW has dropped their first single of 2019 which is ominously titled "Big Plans". In an Instagram post, the band composed of Daniel SeaveyZach HerronJack AveryJonah Marais and Corbyn Besson explained what the new song means to them. "A lot of the people in the industry have told us that we have to sound a certain way, or look a certain way in order to be successful but that’s not how we want to do things," they wrote.

"We make music we love so we can share it with you. That’s what this song means to us. That’s what we’ve got planned this year for you..."

Check out the latest track from WDW below.

Courtesy: Atlantic Records

If their emotional words didn't convince you to listen, will this? "BIG PLANS" IS ALREADY NUMBER 1 ON US ITUNES LESS THAN A DAY SINCE IT CAME OUT!

Congrats, boys!

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