11 Funny Reactions To ‘Bird Box’ That Went Viral

Camille Santos

Posted at December 29, 2018

Everyone's been going on about Bird Box—the latest Netflix original movie based on Josh Malerman's debut novel of the same name—that it's hard not to give in and jump on the bandwagon. You've probably found yourself shivering in anticipation more times than you can count while watching the post-apocalyptic thriller. And as soon as you got off Netflix, you've most likely laughed out loud over related memes spread all throughout the internet.

Here are the best reactions to Bird Box that we all may or may not be guilty of sharing on social media:

Every Filipino child has been trained in hampas palayok simply to survive a real-life Bird Box phenomenon.

Definitely more nightmarish than the creatures themselves!

From the words of Gary himself, "See it. See it."

Oops! Wrong movie!!!

I'm unfriend-ing anyone who disagrees.

Ain't this the truth.

"What is Bird Box? And why is it everywhere?"

How do you expect me to move on from his unjustified death? *sobs*

You're not fooling anyone, Tom!

Does this even need an explanation? Nah.


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