MARIS RACAL Fangirled Hard During TAYLOR SWIFT's Concert In Japan

Renuel Fallore

Posted at November 21, 2018

Maris Racal is living her “wildest dreams” as she watched her idol Taylor Swift in Japan. The Swiftie fangirled really hard during the Tokyo leg of the reputation tour and she obviously loved every minute of it!

Maris took her intense fangirl mode to Twitter, livetweeting her #repTourTokyo experience and transporting fellow Pinoy Swifties to the Tokyo Dome beside her.

Maris is definitely not a bandwagoner. She's been a Swiftie since the fifth grade.

She couldn't help but gush over Taylor’s beautiful white teeth…

We feel you, Maris!

Sorry, Papa Peh!

Petite Swifties can relate!

Post-concert depression is real - and it instantly hits you.

Taylor Swift is definitely a huge inspiration to Maris Racal! Watch her in singer-songwriter mode as she performs her own composition "Love Is Easy" on MYX Fullscreen below!

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WIN: FREE INVITES To The Special Screening Of "CATS"


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