SUPER JUNIOR Celebrates 13th Anniversary!

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at November 06, 2018

We can't believe it's been 13 years since we became "everlasting friends" of Super Junior! And it doesn't matter if that makes us feel old because we're proud of it! Allow us to cry for a second.

Our leader-nim Leeteuk celebrated the legendary group's milestone on Instagram with a blue collage of the number 13 formed by each member's name and the group's songs. "After shining the world on November 6, 2005, time already flies as it's already been 13 years," he captioned. "ELFs you are the main reason why we went from being a project group in the long run. It was possible from the beginning until now because of you all."

"We will always go our way as we always have," Leeteuk continued. "Now we will walk looking back and looking to the side in order to us to last longer and go further #letswalkforalongtime #thelastmanstanding #13yearanniversary #SJ."


2005년11월6일 처음 세상에 빛을 본 후 벌써 13년이라는 시간이 흘렀다 프로젝트 그룹에서 롱런할수있는 장수그룹이될수 있었던건 바로 너희#E.L.F. 처음부터 지금까지 혹은 우리가 싫어져서 떠났다가 다시온 혹은 아예우리를 등져버린 혹은 중간에 우리와함께 하는 그대들이 있었기에 가능했던 일이었습니다 우리는 언제나 그랬듯 우리의 길을 갈것이고 처음에는 100미터 질주 하듯이 앞만보고 목표를 향해 달렸다면 이제는 좀더 오래 멀리가기 위해 뒤도 보고 옆도 보면서 걸어가겠습니다#오래오래산책해요#thelastmanstanding#13주년#sj

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Yesung chose an old photo of the group featuring the group's first 12 members. But we love you too, Kyuhyun!


SuperJunior 13th Anniversary🙏🏻 슈퍼주니어를 지켜준 많은분들께 감사하며 Thank you #ELF

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Meanwhile, Eunhyuk shared a moving selfie with a short message, "Super Junior 13th Anniversary #ThankYouELF".


SuperJunior 13th Anniversary🎉 #ThankYouELF

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