Here's Why We're All In For JIMIN! (And Why We Won't Ever JIM-OUT)

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 13, 2018

Hailing from Busan with a dream within a dream, BTS' Jimin has now got everyone wrapped around his fingers. And the way we see it, it's pure serendipity. Call us a Jimin stan account, we don't care.

Next to #IDOLChallenge, the Park Jimin phenomena has literally swept off the internet! We're thankful for all the fire vid and gif contents - we love being fed well.


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So how did our Sexy Mochi get us so obsessed with him (all over again)? A word of warning: Once you Jim-IN, you cannot Jim-OUT.

This 7-second video that's ethereal AF

When Jimmy meets Chimmy

He's a 9-year-old's dream husband

From being the "boy with the silver jacket"...

 To being the "guy in the red suit"

Mic flip lvl 999999 - even Liam Payne agrees

He cries, we all cry

He's got jams! Who isn't obsessed with "Serendipity"? (PS: You should all hear "Lie", too. It's sooooo good!)

And there's Rolling Stone and The Guardian stating facts: Jimin is the prettiest and ethereal-looking. Yep, that's our baby!

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