EMINEM Infects Everyone In "Venom" Music Video!

Renuel Fallore

Posted at October 06, 2018

The Venom hype is indeed here! And if you're still not "infected" by it, this newly released music video from Eminem surely will.

The visual kicks off as a guy finds a damaged copy of Slim Shady's Revival album. Little does he know that the record is infected with venom, so to speak, and he eventually starts to get possesed along with everyone who gets near him.

The venom symbiote spread easily that even a poor Chihuahua became consumed at one point. Ultimately, Eminem turns into Venom towards the end of the visual.

The track is included in the rap god's newest album Kamikaze. Watch the "Venom" music video here:

Courtesy: EminemMusic

Venom starring Tom Hardy is now showing in cinemas.

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