CHIENNA FILOMENO Slams Body Shaming After Being Called Flat-Chested

Karen Jane Ng

Posted at October 01, 2018

Chienna Filomeno knows better than letting body-shamers win.

Despite slaying the ABS-CBN Ball red carpet and even winning The New Generation Award, Chie still received bashing for being "skinny" and "flat-chested".

"How sad that there are so many cruel people in this amazing universe, and that some girls are bringing each other down when we should be the one lifting each other up," she wrote in a Twitter post. "Body shaming is not okay, it'll never be okay. Not ever."

"Stop talking about fat or skinny women or men like their bodies are a tragedy. Their bodies are beautiful," she continued. "And don't ever let anyone shame you for being you." TOTALLY RETWEETING & LIVING UP TO THIS.

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