5 Things We Love About DECEMBER AVENUE And MOIRA's "Kung 'Di Rin Lang Ikaw" Music Video

Renuel Fallore

Posted at September 24, 2018

The official music video of “Kung ‘Di Rin Lang Ikaw” by December Avenue featuring Moira Dela Torre has been released. Produced by the band themselves, together with Tower Of Doom and 8th Street Cinema, the video quickly climbed to the #1 spot of YouTube's top trending videos!

Here are five things we love about this highly relatable video that's packed with so much #feels, it actually seems like a montage of heartbreak:

1. The sentimental guy best friend

Baymax Magana Bayon perfectly plays that guy best friend almost every girl has in her life—sweet, thoughtful, and, to some degree, in love with his girl BFF. The video shows how the two have been childhood friends for the longest time and how he’s been “keeping his love in lots of photographs” ever since.

2. His efforts to become the best version of himself

Whether it's getting a new haircut or shopping for new clothes, we've all been in his shoes—we've tried to change and be at our best for the person we love. Always be at your best, Bes.

3. That throwback wallet picture

Keeping a throwback picture of you and your BFF is normal, but Mr. Guy Best Friend has been keeping it in his wallet all these years and even showed it to his girl BFF! We don't know why she didn't take a hint, but we surely felt that.

4. Their "friendly" sweet nothings

From sharing an umbrella in the rain to praying in church side by side, the music video is filled with their seemingly sweet moments together. Sadly though, the girl only sees him as her best friend and nothing more. Hanggang bes lang talaga siya, guys. #Saklap

5. The ultimate sacrifice of his happiness for hers

The ending will hit you right in the feels the hardest. BRB guys, ninja cutting onions. Just watch the video and cry—I mean, see—for yourselves:

Courtesy: Tower Of Doom

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