9 Most Heartbreaking Lines From LANY's "Malibu Nights" Album

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at October 03, 2018

They say the best songs wouldn't have been written if not for broken hearts. This couldn't be more true with frontman Paul Klein pouring his (broken) heart and soul into LANY's upcoming sophomore album Malibu Nights, together with drummer Jake Goss and guitarist Les Priest.

Thanks to our friends from MCA Music, I've been listening to the much-anticipated album for almost three weeks now, ahead of its release on October 5! MCA, we love you so bad. </3

Almost every line is quotable and tweet-worthy to be honest, but here are the top 9 most heartbreaking ones that pierced through me and left a mark:

Track #1: Thick And Thin

All the good times, how'd you forget?
I was your best friend, remember when you said
You could see your whole life with me, baby?

Is this the end?
Thought you'd be there through thick and thin

Opening the album is this breakup song that vividly describes how the whole relationship crumbled. Just like in their debut album LANY, the American synth-pop band is able to successfully paint a heartbreaking situation by stringing together simply worded but highly relatable sentences that we've probably said ourselves before, woven through complementing melodies that perfectly match the emotion needed for their painful lyrics. The third single released, "Thick And Thin" represents all the hearts that were left without fair warning.

FUN FACT: Paul and Jake wrote this "5-star bop" in just 4 hours while inside the lead singer's old car.

Track #2: Taking Me Back

Baby, won't you slow down?
This can make or break us
Right now, I can't seem to show you
We can go back, we can go back
Is it even that bad?
Can I talk you into taking me back?

Usually following the breakup is the pitiful attempt to win the ex back. We try to fool ourselves that the damage isn't that bad and convince our exes that we can still go back to how it was before. "Taking Me Back" is the anthem for those who just can't accept that it's really over.

Track #3: If You See Her

I know I'm not perfect, but we were
She says she doesn't love me, don't believe her

Does she remember
The night before goodbye, she said forever

If you see her, tell her that she's f*cked it, I can't read her
We both know she's not perfect either
But if she says she loves me, let me see her
Let me see her

Personally one of my favorites, "If You See Her" is all of us at some point in our lives when, after a breakup, we recall all the promises our exes made to us and convince ourselves that they still mean it, even when they obviously don't anymore. Serving probably one of the most memorable lines in the band's catalogue—I know I'm not perfect, but we were—this fourth single will surely give you all the feels despite its fleeting 3-minute-and-2-second duration, the shortest one on the album.

Track #4: I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore

How'd you change your mind just like that?
The only way to get past this feeling
Is to tell myself you're not coming back

I can't forget the way it felt when you walked out the door
I don't wanna love you anymore

The title says it all. "I Don't Wanna Love You Anymore" is the epitome of how, no matter which corner of the world we come from, this Los Angeles-based trio can vocalize our core sentiments by using the simplest of words. Opening with some catchy syllabic melodies, the album's second single will make you snap your fingers and bop your heads to Jake's beats while simultaneously depicting the painful post-breakup realization that, as Paul sings with so much emotion, "whatever [you] had is gone."

Track #5: Let Me Know

I can't understand the reasons why you're leaving
'Cause you were so in love with me yesterday
Let me know if there's something I can do to fix it
Let me know if you ever change, if you ever change your mind
I can't promise you that I'll be waiting
But for you, I'd leave anything behind
I still love you. Let me know.

Still unreleased, "Let Me Know" probably has the most soul-baring, pride-swallowing, egoless lyrics in the whole album. It's that plain sad acceptance that our exes aren't coming back anymore so we lay everything on the line, even going as far as admitting we would leave anything (or anyone *wink wink*) behind the moment they come back—all they have to do is let us know. Accompanied by John Mayer-esque guitar riffs and solos, this slow jam will melt and break your heart at the same time.

Track #6: Run

I heard from a couple friends that you're back with your ex again
But I know there's no way after everything you said 'bout him

Baby, you were lying
Baby, you were trying
To cover it up

Go ahead and run, run, run
Back to who you were running from
Just make sure you don't run back to

Me when you're done

The angstiest of all, "Run" delivers perhaps the most scathing lines that will pierce through every heart that has experienced disloyalty. Reminiscent of Ed Sheeran's "Don't" with its no-holds-barred lyrics, this detailed account of betrayal and dishonesty reflects that burst of anger and disbelief after discovering our exes went back to their own exes who have already wronged them before.

Track #7: Valentine's Day

I think it's time to give my heart a chance
See if it's healed by now
I think it's time to give my heart a chance
Even though it's bleeding

No matter what I tell myself
She's not as good, she's not as good
She's not as good as you

Another one of my favorites, this yet-to-be-released track starts with an inspiring guitar-and-synth intro followed by a somewhat-hopeful series of lyrics. After exhausting all your anger in the previous track, this next one will calm you down with the eargasmic guitar cries of Les, combined with the signature effervescent LANY synths we all crave for. Don't get your hopes up though, because despite the seemingly positive start of finding new love, this is actually a relapse track that will leave you with the dangerous thought that nobody will ever be as good as your ex.

The words "Valentine's Day" don't appear in the whole song, but the title helps set the mood for finally giving love another chance. The day of hearts also marks the completion of the whole album's writing phase as Paul revealed in an Instagram post that it was written from January 4 to February 14 of this year.


album 2 is called "malibu nights" and it was written jan 4 - feb 14 and you're gonna love it x

A post shared by paul klein (@pauljasonklein) on

Track #8: Thru These Tears

In the end, I'm gonna be alright
But it might take a hundred sleepless nights
To make the memories of you disappear
But right now, I can't see nothing thru these tears

Out of sight, but you're not out of my mind
So it might take somebody else at night
To make it feel like you were never here
But right now, I can't see nothing thru these tears 

The first single off the album, "Thru These Tears" is a realistically optimistic take on moving on. Paul sings about how getting over someone doesn't happen overnight; instead, he shamelessly admits "it might take a hundred sleepless nights to make the memories of [her] disappear," and even goes on to honestly share his slow and steady process where "every day [he lets] go just a little bit more."

Encapsulating the oxymoronic state of being hopeful but broken at the same time with its bright beats accompanied with heart-wrenching lyrics, this heavily layered penultimate track speaks to all of us who have gone through the confusing and complicated journey of forgetting someone.

Track #9: Malibu Nights

Somebody help, it's getting worse
What do you do with a broken heart?
Once the light fades, everything is dark
Way too much whiskey in my blood
I feel my body giving up
Can I hold on for another night?

I'm praying but it's not enough
I'm done, I don't believe in love

Ending the 9-track journey is the band's most intimate composition. The longest song in the album at over 4 minutes and 40 seconds, the title track opens with beautifully melancholic piano riffs which gradually build up to a purely sensational plethora of emotions.

Named after what Paul considers the worst (yet most productive) 45 days (and nights) of his life in the Los Angeles beach city where he spent all his time writing, "Malibu Nights" shows the darkest stage of heartbreak—giving up on love completely.

But don't be disheartened just yet as the singer-songwriter explains he actually came out not just a better artist but also a better person after going through what he considers his first real heartbreak.


malibu nights begins this month

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While waiting for the full Malibu Nights album to drop on Friday, October 5, check out my MYXclusive interview with the band during their last visit in Manila in April where Paul revealed that the crescent moon and a certain color palette might be the "identifiers" for their sophomore album which eventually came into fruition:


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