ROBERT PATTINSON Is "Ready" For A ‘Twilight’ Sequel?

Camille Santos

Posted at September 11, 2018

Whoa, whoa, whoa! Robert Pattinson sent fans of the Twilight franchise in a state of delirium by saying he's "ready" to reprise his role as Edward Cullen "at a moment's notice" during a recent interview with Variety. The actor even joked about how he needs to spend an awful lot of time moisturizing and reducing wrinkles so he can live up to his 100-year-old vampire character who's trapped inside the body of a 17-year-old.

Although it had been almost ten years since the first Twilight film premiered, Rob claims that he actually "feels like not a day has passed" ever since. "I feel like I stopped mentally progressing around the time when I started doing those movies," he said.

While we have a feeling that the British actor was just being funny and another Twilight movie seems too good to be true, we remain hopeful that we will see him and ex-girlfriend Kristen Stewart together again on the big screen. It may not exactly be a sequel or reboot, but we'll take it.


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