Song Dissection: That Catchy Coco Martin Tune You Hear Wherever You Go

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Posted at September 06, 2018

Video courtesy: Emperador Brandy

You’ve heard it. We’ve heard it. Probably all of us have heard it many, many times. On TV. On the radio. Early in the morning while you’re drinking coffee. On the commute going home. IT’S EVERYWHERE. But there’s a world of difference between hearing a song and really listening to it. Here, we’ll be analyzing its inspiring lyrics and hear what it’s trying to say. This is the song dissection of Coco Martin’s catchy Ating Tagumpay.

But first, here’s a fun drinking game: Take a shot with every statement that you agree with. Let’s start with the opening verse.

‘Eto tayo ngayon

Sama-samang umaahon


Sa bawat hakbang

Malayo na ang inabot

Ng iyong diskarte’t galing

At kung sabay ang paglakbay

Tiyak ang ating tagumpay

Filipinos, perhaps more than anything, are naturally madiskarte. We always find ways to survive, to smile, and to succeed because of it. For instance, when a shampoo bottle is almost empty, we pour water inside to “extend” it. We do the same thing for ketchup. If we could apply this same logic to our wallets, we’d be golden. In malls, we deliberately wait for closing time before lining up for those sweet, discounted bakeshop goodies. And oh, we almost always never book flights on periods not covered by a seat sale. That’s how we roll.

But when we’re madiskarte together, Filipinos are next level—there’s nothing we can’t do. This is especially apparent whenever calamities strike and our bayanihan spirit takes over. A day after, say a typhoon, we work together during the clean-up, share our supplies, and even help out in building makeshift bridges amidst floodwater if needed. Even after a disaster, we’re able to get back up sooner rather than later because we know how to come together as a community. Can you imagine if we’re always on our bayanihan mode? It’ll be tagumpay after tagumpay.

How many statements have you agreed with so far (or how many shots have you taken so far)? We’re just getting started. Here’s the second verse.

Patuloy silang humahanga

Sa sipag mong angat sa iba

Alay ang buong puso

‘Yan tayo, Pilipino

Ang Pinoy ay magaling

Tuktok ay nararating

At kung watawat ang gabay

Tiyak ang ating tagumpay

Filipinos are dedicated to their work. Foreign countries admire us for that, hence all the OFWs around the globe. The rest of the world put our ability and work ethic in high regard. OFWs are particularly commendable because not only do they sacrifice for the betterment of their families, they also contribute to the improvement of our country’s economy. Many have said that our people are Philippines’ greatest export, and there isn’t a single lie in those words. You really have to take a shot with that one.

And here comes the glorious chorus.

Ang galing ng Pilipino Iwagayway

Ibang klase ang talino

Tapang ay walang kapantay

Sa sipag mo’t tiyaga

Umaangat buong bansa

At ‘yan ang ating tagumpay

Emperador, ating tagumpay

Filipinos are a talented, hardworking lot. But when there’s reason to celebrate, we take a break and really know how to enjoy ourselves. That’s when we bust out the Emperador and toast to all the successes and the good times. Because whenever we succeed, we should claim it. After all, ‘yan ang ating tagumpay.

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