Which WHY DON'T WE Member Got Injured During "Trust Fund Baby" Video Shoot?

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at September 05, 2018

Do you remember that blue car Daniel was coolly drifting in Why Don't We's "Trust Fund Baby" music video? Apparently, its door wasn't properly closed during the drift, so one of our beloved WDW boys accidentally fell out of the car!


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In our recent MYXclusive interview with the 5-piece American pop boy band during their first-ever visit here in Manila, Jack recalled how he tried to cling on to the open door as the car continued to drift, which resulted to his back getting dragged on gravel and being forced to roll on to a train track. Yikes!

But don't worry, Limelights. He's okay now and even jokes about the whole thing with the boys, as you'll see in this excerpt of my MYXclusive interview with Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach, where they reminisced about their fun moments while shooting their music videos "Trust Fund Baby," "Talk," and "Hooked."

Check out those songs in their newly released 8-track debut album 8 Letters:

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