The Full Story Behind WHY DON'T WE's Name

Ai dela Cruz

Posted at August 30, 2018

What kind of band name is Why Don't We, right? The phrase just leaves you wanting more whenever you hear it -- could that be the reason why they chose it? To put our speculations to rest, I asked Corbyn, Daniel, Jack, Jonah, and Zach for the full story behind their name during our MYXclusive interview with the "Trust Fund Baby" hitmakers before they performed for their Filipino Limelights.


we wear color sometimes too 😂

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Zach generously gave us the "long version" of how they started as a band, including how they came up with the name Why Don't We, while the other boys were indulging in sweet moments like this:

Daniel and Jonah, why you do dis??? Ugh. Our Limelight hearts!!! But okay, enough "Talk"! *wink wink* While we wait for their debut album 8 Letters which drops tomorrow, August 31, here's an excerpt of my MYXclusive interview with WDW!

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